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Excerpt:Deadly Holiday

SCVC Taskforce Series

“This damn beard itches.”

Celina Davenport stifled a laugh, knowing her fiancé, Cooper Harris, wouldn’t appreciate it. The beard he referred to was white with elastic bands that held it in place. Underneath the brim of a red, velvet cap, she could make out a set of white bushy eyebrows they’d had to tape on, which, at the moment, slanted down in a scowl.

A DEA Special Agent for the Southern California Violent Crimes Taskforce, Cooper was used to dealing with drug kingpins, gunrunners, and human traffickers. He had been on countless undercover operations, had witnessed some of the worst possible things one could ever imagine, but it was today’s event that had him sweating in his boxer briefs. Today Cooper would be playing Santa Claus for the Aslan Children’s Hospital holiday party.

“Well, I think you look sexy.” Celina wiggled her eyebrows, flashing a full on grin. Sexy was an understatement. He looked damned hot wearing that Santa suit. Was it wrong to be turned on by Santa Claus? Well, if it was wrong, then she didn’t want to be right.

Celina was well versed in the man beneath the costume. Cooper was always primed and ready for action. Thank God for that.He stood at well over six foot, with a broad chest and tanned complexion. When he wasn’t wearing a red velvet hat, his coffee-colored hair showed lighter, sun-kissed streaks from hours spent surfing and running on the beach.Known simply as ‘The Beast’ to many, Harris exemplified the typical DEA agent—big, bad, and machine-like in his take-downs and arrests.

“Princess Via thinks so too,” Celina added for good measure, her hand taking a trip down the front of his red velvet coat. “She loves her daddy no matter what he’s wearing.”

As if she knew they were talking about her, their seven-month-old-daughter, Novia, cooed from the backseat of their SUV, her chubby legs kicking the bottom of her car seat. Cooper’s features softened at the mention of her name, and he leaned over the seat to wiggle his fingers at her. Celina inwardly sighed, her heart going soft. Cooper may be a big bad DEA agent, but one look from his daughter and the man was putty in the girl’s hands.

When Celina had first found out she was pregnant, she had been terrified to tell him. He already had a son from a previous marriage, Owen, and she knew how much he hated that the dangerous aspects of his job sometimes spilled over and endangered Owen’s life. Introducing another child into their chaotic world was a huge risk, but in the end, Cooper had been thrilled by the news, and in true Cooper fashion, promptly proposed. 

“Princess Via always thinks I look great.” He grinned when Novia grabbed on to his finger, promptly shoving it into her mouth. These days, pretty much everything went into her mouth. “She’s a daddy’s girl, aren’t you, chica preciosa?”

“She’s a smart girl.” Celina’s wandering hand took a road trip south, skirting the fluffy white embellishments on Santa’s coat to the pants underneath. A grin curved her lips when she found what she was looking for – his impressive package hidden beneath yards of red velvet. She gave him a squeeze, receiving a throaty groan for her efforts. “I just hope Santa will pay me a visit later. If he isn’t too full on milk and cookies, that is.”

“No worries, my lovely soon-to-be-wife.” Always up for playing, Cooper found her mouth greedily, adding a bit of groping of his own by slipping his massive hand beneath her jacket to palm one of her full breasts. Celina arched into his questing hand with a sigh, her body instantly heated by his touch. That’s how it always was with them; all fire with no ice. Even with a seven-month-old, the desire between them burned as brightly as ever, if not more so. “Santa will come down your chimney and fill your stocking tonight no problem.” He paused to nibble her lower lip, sending a delicious shiver through her. “He’s got a package that requires a more ‘hands on delivery’.”

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