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Excerpt:Sweet Curse

Kali Sweet Series


I motioned at Rad to walk past the entrance to the building. No need to let the jackals alert the Dread demon we were there. At this point they probably thought we were two lost supernaturals, and they were looking forward to having a little fun with us. “Can you create a distraction?”

Rad gave me a look suggesting I needed a refresher course on his skills. A tiny gust of wind, strong and purposeful, lifted the ends of my hair. The gust turned into a steady breeze. Paper, cardboard, and other debris in the alley whipped past my feet. His magic sent a tingle of lust through my veins.

“How big?” the Chaos demon asked.

He did come in handy. “Big enough to make them turn tail and run.”

“Snap your shields into place.”

I touched my ring finger and thumb together on each hand, raising my magic into an invisible protective bubble. In the next second, the wind morphed into a gale, gusting strong enough to roll a dumpster down the alley. It flowed around my magical bubble, and I watched as the dumpster came to life and bore down on the jackals.

They’d formed a line to stalk us, the leader a few steps ahead of the others in his alpha spot. Now the three of them scattered as the stinky dumpster zeroed in on them. Shouts rang out but were consumed by the wind. They ran; the dumpster gave chase. Both their group and the hulking metal canister rounded the corner and disappeared from sight.

Watching them scatter made me smile. Watching Rad, in all his chaotic demon glory, made me lick my lips.

He’d raised his hands slightly from his sides, the wind roaring around him like the caress of a lover. It lifted his hair, as it had mine, pressed his clothes against him. His weapons were still in his hands, but they seemed to be resting there, shimmering and trembling in his palms. A look of euphoria touched his face. He’d been training all right. He was beautiful in his power.

Too bad his display of magic was over so fast.

The wind died. Rad cut his gaze to mine. His golden eyes glittered with an internal, supernatural light. One that said he was master of the night. “How was that, boss?”

I hate it when he calls me boss. He did it for the same reasons I had once taunted Damon with the term, especially when he and I disagreed about policies and procedures. But this time when Rad said it, there was a subtle underlying tone that surprised me. Not smart-assed. Not flippant.

He wants my approval.

I gave it to him, counting on the fact I’d get something in return once the mission was over. “Remind me to reward you for your outstanding service when we get back to the Institute, enforcer.”

He gave me a mocking bow. “I do so enjoy being your subordinate.”

Employee, blood slave, lover. Anyone else in those positions would have been under my subjugation. Rad never quite was. I suspected love had something to do with it.

Love. A confusing human emotion. Demons weren’t supposed to experience it, and yet many of us did. Even Lucifer Morningstar himself.

But he wasn’t a demon. He was Fallen.

I eyed the building, ready to finish the mission and deliver Tabriss to Lucifer’s waiting arms. I sensed no magical wards, no invisible trip wires or cameras. Apparently Mo wasn’t worried about attracting trouble. “Let’s get this over with.”


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