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Excerpt:Wicked Wedding

Witches Anonymous Series

Just when I think I have my life on track and that I can finally be happy, some witch shows up and wrecks my fairy tale.

Magic, dark, sweet, and lusty, enveloped me. I felt it rise from my toes and spread to every cell, every strand of my DNA as I stood in front of the counter of my ice cream shop—that was doubling as a podium—attending my improvisational marriage to Lucifer.

Lucifer—fallen angel, prince of Hell, and father of my unborn child. His dark eyes met mine and promised many hours of magical love-making ahead of us. Power calling power. Temptation hummed in my veins.

We’d only just finished my baby shower and now Keisha was presiding over the ceremony to join us. With the huge success of her new matchmaking business for supernaturals, she’d become a certified marriage officiant. All of our friends were in attendance, but as usual, Lucifer and I were doing things our way and coloring outside the lines of tradition.

“I don’t need a ring,” he murmured against my lips, squashing my earlier protest that he had caught me off guard and I wasn’t prepared. “All I need is you.”

All thoughts about rings and marriage licenses—which we didn’t have—disappeared. All thoughts in my head, period, evaporated into the universe. All I could do was feel, and what I felt was love.

Love…my go-to emotion.

“I do,” I said, resting my forehead against his and wondering how I’d managed to get so lucky. I didn’t need the marriage questions or any kind of speech. “I, Amy Atwood, formerly known as the angel Ame, take you, Lucifer, to be my lawfully—or unlawfully, as the case may be—wedded soul mate.”

“Wait,” Keisha said. “That’s not how the ceremony goes.”

I ignored her. “To have and to hold, in sickness and in sin, until…well, death won’t part us, so I guess nothing ever will.”

A sunrise image bloomed in my mind, thanks to Azaria, the baby girl growing inside of me.

New beginnings – she was channeling the message to me. This was definitely a new beginning on a very old, very powerful love affair between me and the devil.

Luc slipped a ring on my finger, a simple platinum band depicting tree branches weaving around each other and several bright colored stones. They represented The Tree of Knowledge.

Lucifer and I had known each other long before my current human incarnation as Amy Atwood. In this life, I was a wicked witch trying to go good, and initially I’d assumed going good meant getting Luc out of my life. The Tree of Knowledge had shown me differently.

I’m a fallen angel. One who had disagreed with God’s ideals of right and wrong, good and evil. In Heaven, I’d loved Lucifer more than anything, including the Entity Who’d created angels. I’d gone against His rules and taken part in The Great War of Heaven. At first, I’d assumed I’d been thrown out of Heaven after the war. Now I knew I’d purposely jumped.

Luc had followed.

The things we do for love.

Marriage is a human institution, not an angelic one. Still, I was embracing my humanness in this lifetime, so it seemed only right to embrace the institution of marriage as well.

Even if I was doing it my way.

Cue the Frank Sinatra music.

As our wedding guests cheered, Lucifer lowered his lips to mine and gave me a hot, magical kiss. “I love you,” he said.

And that’s when the lights went out.

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