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Excerpt:Deadly Force

SCVC Taskforce Series


If Cal died, she was dead—either from Tephra’s bullets or from guilt. “You damn well better return or I’ll haunt you in the afterlife.”

Cal smirked. “I’ll be back.”

God, she loved that smirk. Loved his cockiness, even though it drove her crazy. “Swear it.”

He cocked an eyebrow. When they were young, she’d made him pinky swear to things, like not telling her mother where she’d hid the rent money so her mom couldn’t blow it on meth or Shopping Network deals. “We’re not kids, anymore, Bianca.”

“Swear. It.”

His gaze dropped to her lips. Ever so slowly, his face lowered so he was barely a breath away. The tip of his nose brushed hers and his warm breath fell gently on her lips. “I swear on The Art of War, I’ll be back for you.”

About the author

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Misty Evans has published 50 novels and writes romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance.