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Kali Sweet Series, Three Urban Fantasy Novels (Boxed Set)

Box Sets

Kali Sweet Series Boxed Set includes Revenge Is Sweet, Sweet Chaos, and Sweet Soldier!
Revenge Is Sweet, Book 1
Payback is a bitch and her name is Kali Sweet...
I’m Kali Sweet, the best damn vengeance demon on earth. I work for the supernatural world’s Justice Department and protect innocent humans from otherworldly creatures like me. While I can’t take revenge for myself, I make sure justice is done for others.
But when my latest run-in with Chicago’s vampire king backfires, the fallout leaves me with three big problems: a powerful Undead enemy who wants my head, my boss looking over my shoulder, and three personal blood slaves jeopardizing my reputation.
Sweet Chaos, Book 2
The past always finds a way to bite you in the ass...
As a three-hundred-year old vengeance demon, I’ve made a lot of enemies. Two of them are back, and together they’re bringing a war to Chicago that will topple the carefully constructed world I’ve protected for centuries.
But I’m Kali Sweet. I never run from my past…and I’m not about to hide from my present.
Sweet Soldier, Book 3
Life is one battle after another…
Armageddon is coming, and it’s up to me to stop the Four Horsemen and their heavenly army of angels. The only way I can stop them and the coming biblical apocalypse is to recruit an army – an army led by the king of hell.
Lucifer’s not about to help without getting something in return, and following anyone’s orders – even his – is not my style. But what price will I pay for dealing with the devil? Going to the dark side has never been so sweet.


About the author

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Misty Evans has published 50 novels and writes romantic suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance.