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Strong Brew Coaching Services

for the Writer Who Wants To Sell



You know how to write. You love creating stories. But is your blurb doing all it can to sell your story?

Is your query letter getting the responses you want from agents and editors?

Do you need help plotting and writing that dreaded synopsis?

I can help.


Together we’ll take your writing to a more effective level. A sales level. Whether you’re an indie author who needs a marketing coach or a writer struggling to uncover your plot or craft a catchy query letter, I’ll work with you to make your writing attract the attention it deserves.

You can read my bio to see my publishing creds. Along with that, I have a degree in marketing with a minor in English. During my ten-year stint in the business world, I designed print ads, wrote and edited newsletters and developed web copy for several major retailers.

Marketing is in my blood. I’ve taught creative writing classes and currently offer online workshops for writing, plotting and marketing series. I’ve worked with aspiring writers and published authors to do everything from create a catchy logline to outlining an entire series.

So wake up your muse! Get her a cup of strong cup of coffee and let’s get some work done.


The SBC Iced Coffee Blurb – Shaken, Not Stirred


Writing a blurb that sells books is a lot like making the perfect iced coffee. Too much ice and the coffee ends up diluted. Too much backstory and the blurb fails to hook your reader.

But…just like a martini shaker can help you make the perfect iced coffee (don’t believe me? I’ll email you the recipe!), I’ll shake up your blurb with key action words and cliff hangers to give it pizzazz and sell more books!


The SBC Macchiato Morning Query – Espresso Yourself


Agents and editors receive hundreds if not thousands of query letters every year. How will you make yours stand out? Just like the dash of foam added to an espresso to make a macchiato, I’ll walk you through the three I’s of query letters (introduce, inform, invite) that will add that extra flair to your letter.

With this service, I’ll include examples that have worked for me and a template you can use.


The SBC Café Mocha – The Percolating Plot



Are you a bona fide pantser? Get stuck at the midpoint of every story and give up? Even if you’ve finished your story, is your plot weak or pointless?

Just like a coffee that hasn’t percolated properly, a weak plot can sink your story. Let’s perk, perk, perk it up! And throw in some mocha for extra oomph!

I’ve had years of experience plotting my own books and series as well as helping other authors plot theirs. Plotting can be fun! Especially if you approach it like a movie.

During a ONE hour consultation via phone, email or Skype (your choice), I’ll walk you through plotting your book as if it were a movie script. We’ll nail down your theme, your characters’ internal and external motivations and discuss ways you can increase the conflict for them from that key opening scene until the final image.

Bonus! With this package, I’ll include the seven lessons from my Plotting the Romance Series that can help writers of any genre with basic tips and tricks to plot like a pro!



“In the past fourteen months, I've published six books - and Misty has helped me write the blurb for every book. She thinks of compelling phrases and strong words. I would not publish any of my books without passing the blurb by her. She's also helped me with loglines and tags. We've brainstormed about marketing plans and she gave me advice on newsletters. I've already told friends how great she is. She's the best!”

~Edie Ramer, author of the Miracle Interrupted Series, Dead People series, Dragon Blues and the Galaxy Girls series


“When it comes to fine tuning a logline or kicking a blurb up a notch, Misty is my go-to professional! She's always offered concrete advice and helpful suggestions. Even after sixteen books, I still get her final okay on blurbs before they go out. I'd be a fool not to - she knows her stuff!”

~Dale Mayer, author of the Psychic Visions romantic suspense series and YA Blood Ties series


"I'm a self-proclaimed 'Pantser' but there are times when I do need some plotting help, either before I start the book or midway through. When I get stuck, Misty helps me brainstorm and figure out plot points. Even when I get stuck with character motivation, she asks great questions to get my creative mind working and help me figure it out. She always has great suggestions and understands what I write."

~Michelle Miles, author of the Coffee House Chronicles and Knights In Shining Armor series


“I wrote my own blurb for my first published novel – over and over, and it was never quite right. Misty took me by the hand, asked the right questions, and produced a blurb that really conveys the essence of the book. She’s hooked me! I won’t even think of writing the blurb for my next book without her!”~ Marlie Bridges, author of You Belong to Me


“Misty took my ho-hum blurb and added rocket sauce to it. I noticed a dramatic increase in sales after updating my blurb.”  
~ Diana Orgain, Author of Nursing A Grudge: A Maternal Instincts Mystery



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